Back in 1998, we had a simple vision of a dive flag incorporated into a sunglass frame with polarized lenses, DIVE SHADES® sunglass company was born. During their first year of marketing DIVE SHADES®, 1998, frames were chosen to provide optimal eye protection while style was secondary. We soon realized that our DIVE SHADES®, the original dive flag polarized sunglasses could offer cutting edge styling while still maintaining optimal eye protection.

While other companies offer phenomenal polarized sunglasses at phenomenally high prices, DIVE SHADES® has been marketing affordable quality polarized eyewear since 1998. In 2007, DIVE SHADES® incorporated their SSR® (super scratch resistant) lens in every sunglass. The SSR lens is available in smoke gray or brown and offers exceptional visual clarity, impact-protection, superior scratch-resistance and glare-reduction. DIVE SHADES composite frames are made of either polycarbonate or TR90 to assure years of normal wear. The combination of the lightweight polarized SSR lens and frames provide phenomenal comfort while protecting your eyes from the damaging UVA and UVB light emitted from the sun’s rays.

The DIVE SHADES Traditional series utilize .70 mm SSR polarized lenses while the frames are made up of polycarbonate material. These lenses offer virtually 100% UV and AV protection. Premium silicone is utilized to ad comfort in many of the styles included within this series. A micro fiber draw string carrying bag in included with our CONSUMER orders only.

The DIVE SHADES Special Edition series utilize 1.0mm polarized SSR lenses while the frames utilize polycarbonate material. These lenses offer virtually 100%UV and AV protection. Premium silicone earpieces and nose pads are utilized to ad comfort to the already lightweight eyewear. A micro fiber draw string carrying case is included with this series.

The DIVE SHADES Master series Instructor full frame sunglass utilizes the very best polycarbonate polarized lens and an additional saltwater resistant coating. The frames are made up of TR 90 which is a durable and flexible material that allows us to extend the warranty to a 2 year against manufacturer’s defects. Once again we utilize the very best silicone ear and nosepieces to assure years of comfort to our end user. The  Master series Instructor sunglass comes with a micro fiber carrying bag which doubles as a terrific lens cleaner.

At DIVE SHADES®, we are aware of the many sunglass options from which to select. We also realize that our customer deserves the very best quality for the price and we thank you for your consideration and patronage.

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